Communities are the future of humanitarian action

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Humanitarian Action Reimagined.

SeeChange is a social purpose organization that firmly believes that communities have the inherent capability to take the lead in responding to health crises.
Using an innovative approach, CommunityFirst, we forge partnerships with communities in the Canadian Arctic, Latin America, and West Africa to co-design strategies that enable them to cope with health emergencies.
By demonstrating the efficacy of community-led interventions we strive to champion a paradigm shift in the humanitarian system.

CommunityFirst; Decolonizing Health Crisis Response

CommunityFirst is a mindset and a methodology

Decoloniality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Is it time for a new DEI mindset? We believe it is. Truly impactful and sustainable DEI requires us to level up our game by adding a D to DEI — and that D is for Decoloniality.

Learning and Unlearning

Listening deeply to communities and drawing out unconscious bias.

Amplification and Reflexivity

Creating spaces that centre communities and reflecting on how to improve.

Accountability and Decarbonization

Committing to actionable steps and reducing our carbon footprint

Our Impact

We work with communities as they mobilize their assets and become agents of their own response. This community-led action is what will inform and drive systems change.

Communities co-creating their own solutions

2 people walking on a frozen body of water

Organizations pilot our CommunityFirst approach

A group of people walking along a remote path

Demonstrating new narratives on decolonization

A road covered in snow vanishing in the distance

News & Views

Explore this section to see how communities are driving change in health crisis response, and how we are learning from them

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2 people walking on a frozen body of water