SeeChange is driven by the principles of humanity and solidarity

Meaningful and lasting change will be led by communities addressing health crises their way with solutions that work for them.

2 people walking on a frozen body of water
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Our Theory of Change

People and communities are humanitarian actors. By designing and leading the response to their own health crises, with the right support they become agents of change. Because lasting and meaningful crisis response occurs when solutions originate inside communities - not outside.



SeeChange Emerges:  A (Re)newed Vision of Humanitarian Action

SeeChange is founded to respond to the tuberculosis epidemic facing Inuit communities in the Canadian Arctic. Given the impacts of colonialism, SeeChange learns that communities must own and lead their health crisis responses for them to be effective and sustainable.



TB Community Workshops in Nunavut begin

SeeChange partners with Ilisaqsivik Society, an Inuit-led organization working on Inuit mental health in Clyde River. Together we co-design trauma-informed TB workshops. Inuit Elders gain agency in their health and wellness.



CommunityFirst COVID-19 Roadmap created

Co-designed with Ilisaqsivik Society and the Hamlet of Clyde River, SeeChange’s Community First COVID-19 Roadmap supports vulnerabilised communities to organize, prepare, and respond to COVID-19. Curated by medical experts, we translate the Roadmap into 6 languages including Inuktitut, Spanish and Swahili.



Communities Responding to COVID-19

We accompany 12 communities globally as they work with the CommunityFirst COVID-19 Roadmap. Over 300 community leaders are trained with the Roadmap and it has been accessed in over 100 countries. Communities can access verified and updated information as well as community-facing materials.



SeeChange partners with humanitarian organisation

SeeChange partners with Médecins Sans Frontières /Doctors without Borders (MSF) Latin America to pilot the CommunityFirst framework and involve communities in each phase of MSF's project cycle. We have pilot projects in Peru and Sierra Leone.

Our principles


2 people walking on a frozen body of water

Decoloniality, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Our Team

Executive Team

Rachel Kiddell-Monroe

Founder and Executive Director

Violeta Chapela

Medical Director and Programme Lead

Carol Devine

Chief Operating Officer

Bayan Alabda

Operations Manager

Canadian Initiatives Team

Naomi Tatty

Intercultural Health Lead – Canadian Initiatives

Sumeet Sodhi

Medical Advisor

Global Initiatives Team

Jessica Farber

Project Manager

Board of Directors

Huguette Ekambi Mbella


Michelle Osry


Kenny Panza


Samantha Poncabare


Denis Blanchette


Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

James Orbinski

Jerry Natanine

Igah Sanguya

Stephen Lewis

Jennifer Furin

Courtney Howard

Daniel Solomon

Georgia White

Grace Yang

News & Views

Explore this section to see how communities are driving change in health crisis response, and how we are learning from them

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