CommunityFirst Solutions for COVID-19: Roadmap & Solidarity Network

CommunityFirst Solutions for COVID-19 supports vulnerabilized communities to organize, prepare and respond to the pandemic through an emergency planning tool (roadmap), an accompaniment program and a solidarity network.

Years active

CommunityFirst Solutions for COVID-19 were first developed in Nunavut, Canada when the Clyde River community asked for support in developing their COVID-19 preparedness plan. Throughout the course of the pandemic, communities in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Canada, and Kenya and Sierra Leone began using CommunityFirst Solutions for COVID-19 to create and activate response plans that were adapted to their realities.

COVID-19 demonstrated that local communities are on the frontlines of emergency response

Roadmap and Accompaniment Program

The Roadmap includes an adaptable action plan template and verified informational resources. The digital, open-source Roadmap has been accessed in over 100 countries and is available in 6 languages. The COVID-19 Roadmap was also adapted to create a Roadmap to respond to natural disasters

The Accompaniment Program supported community leaders to co-create and design adaptive, culturally appropriate and locally relevant responses to the pandemic in Canada, Latin America, and East and West Africa.

The CommunityFirst COVID-19 Roadmap is a step-by-step guide to organize, prepare and respond to COVID-19

A Solidarity Network

The Solidarity Network created a space, largely for women community leaders and representatives from community organizations, to connect and share experiences, resources, challenges and practices around their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“One of the greatest gifts has been getting to meet the other women in this network, and to know that in these difficult moments that we are not alone; that here, we are always accompanied.“ - Gissela, Leader of the Indigenous Lenca Council of Reitoca, Honduras

Key Impacts of our work

Providing a sense of calm and confidence during a global crisis

Supporting communities to identify and leverage their own assets.

Adapting the Roadmap methodology to address transversal challenges, including natural disasters

Enhancing leadership skills and empowering decision-making, especially for women leaders

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