CommunityFirst solutions in Nunavut

The initiative aims to raise awareness and knowledge about tuberculosis in Inuit communities, combat stigma and encourage individuals to take proactive measures for testing and treatment. Using trauma-informed approaches and community-centred solutions, we foster healing, resilience, and a supportive environment that will support the goal of eliminating TB in Inuit communities by 2030

Years active
2019- Present
Nunavut, Canada

The use of CommunityFirst strategies enables Inuit communities to develop autonomy and ownership of their health outcomes. Through trauma-informed workshops and training of workshop facilitators and community health workers, the initiative is building community resilience in addressing their own health crises

Achieving TB Elimination by 2030 Requires Inuit-led Solutions

Initiative #1: Ikuma Tunilavut

A partnership between SeeChange and Ilisaqsivik Society, was created to co-design a trauma-informed TB empowerment program. Participants in TB empowerment workshops reported increased knowledge of the signs and symptoms of TB as well as a willingness to get tested. During the pandemic, the content of these workshops was expanded to include modules related to COVID-19.

The Intergenerational Scars of TB Are Deep Rooted

Initiative #2: TB Sanatorium Survivor Healing and Closure

A group ofInuit elders who survived physical and psychological abuse in tuberculosis sanatoriums in the 1950s-70s, accompanied by Inuit youth, visited the site of theThe visit, the first of its kind in Canada, is organized by Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated and SeeChange at the request of the elders. This visit of the Tuberculosis Sanatorium Survivor Healing and Closure Initiative., which addresses the underlying trauma and stigma surrounding TB in Inuit communities.

Read our report.

Key Impacts of our work in Nunavut

Inuit communities develop and own their own health solutions

TB awareness and literacy among community members improved

Healing and closure of intergenerational trauma from TB history supported

Awareness of Inuit TB trauma raised in the Canadian public

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