Designing a SeeChange CommunityFirst Perpetual Fund

We aim to design a community-based fund that is easily accessible to communities as they respond to humanitarian health crises

Years active
Montreal, Canada

Today, just 3.1% of humanitarian funding goes directly to local civil society organizations (Development Initiatives, 2021)

Community members are the frontline responders in health crises

A CommunityFirst Perpetual Fund

We are launching this project by researching existing financial models that leverage capital to respond to community needs. This research will be the basis of a co-designed and community-managed fund

During COVID-19, communities had to mobilize local responses, yet many could not access funds

A CommunityFirst Perpetual Fund

With health crises set to increase, it is critical that communities can mount their own responses. We are exploring innovative models that are inclusive of women, children and other vulnerabilized community members.

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