Evaluation of the implementation of CommunityFirst approaches during COVID-19

This work was supported by the Co-RIG Phase II Grant Program funded by the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine and the CMA Foundation.

Years active
Sierra Leone, Honduras, Nunavut, Canada

During the evaluation, seven key themes emerged. Four were considered to be facilitating success: Community empowerment, support for vulnerable community members, community resilience and knowledge sharing. Structural inequities, limitations of local action and top-down decision-making were seen as barriers to success.

Community advocacy is crucial for successful global pandemic response

Case studies from Sierra Leone, Honduras and Nunavut

The primary objective of this evaluation was to assess the implementation of the CommunityFirst COVID-19 Roadmap as a community-driven preparedness tool

Structural inequities hinder pandemic response in vulnerable communities

CommunityFirst Response to Health Crisis

The secondary objectives were to document the principles and values that inform the CommunityFirst approach as well as to develop a CommunityFirst toolkit, which can be used by a range of stakeholders working with vulnerabilized communities in their responses to health crises.

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