SCSC Fellowship Final Report: Placing Communities First in Health Crisis Responses

Reviewing experiences in Latin America, this report identifies the ways communities can be centred in responses to health crises like COVID-19 and outlines the importance of community-based responses to health more generally.

Years active
Montreal QC, Canada

Latin America has the highest income inequality in the world, which results in severe health inequities. To tackle this issue, fostering community participation in health research and implementation can be effective in addressing the persistent health disparities

Integrating Indigenous knowledge benefits healthcare systems through invaluable insights

The Importance of Community-Based Approaches 

Recognizing the importance of community-based health approaches to address health disparities among underserved populations is crucial. By actively supporting, financing, and endorsing these programs, healthcare leaders and governments can utilize existing knowledge and social networks within communities as valuable resources.

COVID-19 exposed health disparities, urging a reevaluation of global health efforts

A Community-Based Approach

This report highlights the value of community-based approaches and responses to health and identifies several promising practices for centring communities in response to their health issues

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