SeeChange CommunityFirst Fellowship

The fellowship created by the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research is a collaboration between York University and SeeChange to foster collaboration between research and community organizations, promote decolonial practices, and contribute to the advancement of global health and humanitarian action research.

Years active
2021 - 2024

This is a three year fellowship that began in 2021. It contributes to the development of evidence-based approaches to community-led humanitarian action

Exploring How Academic Research Supports Community Organizations with a CommunityFirst Approach

About the Fellowship 

This fellowship includes the development and implementation of a workshop at York University to bring together academics and practitioners. It will focus on how research can address the needs of community organizations, emphasizing the principles and approaches of the CommunityFirst framework.

Striving to Understand the Relationship Between Research Institutions and Community Organizations

Highlighting how this connection contributes to critical problem-solving

About the Fellowship 

The fellowship will facilitate the collaboration with faculty members to advance the academic and systemic foundations of SeeChange's CommunityFirst approach and theory of change. Additionally, they will work on designing pathways that contribute to the decolonization of the humanitarian emergency response system.

Key Impacts of the Fellowship

Academic support for SeeChange’s work

Publication of articles and reports

Stipend to support SeeChange researchers

Academic-practitioner knowledge exchange

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